Behind the Scenes : Capri, Italy

The pictures of the Isle of Capri do not do it ANY justice.  There is no way to capture or describe the beauty if this Island!! Capri is only open 6 months out of the year, so if you have plans to coordinate an event on this dreamy destination - plan ahead.  This event was a 40th Birthday Celebration for the Bride that started my career as a wedding planner.  To now coordinate a milestone birthday for her as she is surrounded by family, friends and new baby, was a pleasure and an honor.  Here are few behind the scenes images from what had to be one of the most exciting and fun events I have planned to date.  

Thursday: Welcome Dinner in the highest place on the Island

Friday: Birthday Party for 30 guests at a private Villa

Saturday: Boat Trip Around Capri

Sunday: Brunch Day at the Villa - Farewell Gifts of Capri Sandals

- Highlights of the trip -

  • Watching the dedication and passion that goes into making the best ravioli i have ever tasted!
  • The cabs in Capri are open and have a fabric roof, super fun.
  • Sailing and Swimming in the Tyrrhenian Sea - SUPER SALTY- but felt amazing
  • Dancing the night away with the Birthday Girl while the the DJ played some of the best hip hop and R and B!  
  • Seeing and experiencing things that will change my life forever!